Sunday, 21 June 2020

SFD Funline Dog Show . . .

You might all enjoy trying this competition. 
Thanks to Jo Stokes for bringing it to my attention. Some of the categories sound good fun.

This is it..... our SFD Funline Dog Show is now ....... OPEN 🙌🏻
You can post your entries to our page, by message to our page or as a post to the group.
Enter as many classes as you like for £2
Entry fee for each entry is by PayPal to
Please choose “pay friends & family”
Please add a note to your PayPal transaction to say which class/es you are entering and if your name on your PayPal account is different to your facey name tell us that too 😬
Once your entry fee has been received , the images will be put into albums on the page for judging by our esteemed panel - 
Lunar Photography - Sarahs Artwork - and Crazydogs
As a reminder our classes are:
* Handsome Guy 💙 sponsored by Jo Stokes

* Gorgeous Girl💕 sponsored by Samantha Jones
* The Gang Show 🐶🐶 sponsored by Gemma Fronda and Fergal Farm Stud
* Up to No Good 😈 sponsored by Ritchie Greenwood
* “Ear Ear” 👂🏻 sponsored by the Odoms

* Who Nose!! 👃 Sponsored Sarah’s Artwork
* Aaand... Action 🎬 sponsored by Greyhond Friends UK
* Best of Friends 🐶👫🏼👭🏻👬 - sponsored by Kinga Obermiller

* Comedy Show 🤡 - sponsored by Team Dempsey

* Sleeping Beauty 😴🐶 - sponsored by Team SFD

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors for getting involved 
Thanks to them, winners of each class will win a rosette and a small prize with rosettes going to 2nd & 3rd places too 👏🏻👏🏻
Entries close on 5th July at 7pm and winners will be announced on Sunday 12th July
Get snapping and have fun! 📸