Monday, 27 January 2020

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Here We Go Again!!

A Reminder : 

We start training again tomorrow (13th Jan ) at 7:00 pm on at the showground but in a new place – the John Eastwood Building. Turn left when you come in the main gate and it is the set of low buildings on your right. You can park in front of them. The really good news is that this building is not in use by other events as often as our current one so we will not lose as many dates. For example, we will have most of the training days in July and only have the month of August not training. This is great news. The roof is also not as high so it won’t echo as much or hopefully be as cold.

However please be aware that the only time we have had to prepare the venue is tomorrow afternoon so please be patient if things seem a little confused! 

We are also hoping to introduce a slightly different style of puppy class at the beginning of this year. We hope to run on a Monday and a Wednesday two classes of 30 minutes each; as research and experience suggest that 30 minutes is a more suitable length of time than an hour for a young puppy; especially if they attend regularly. To encourage this regular attendance, we are going to offer a ten week course paid for in advance. (Incidentally, many training clubs ask for payment in advance for all classes.) During this time the puppies would be taken through and helped to achieve the Puppy foundation course.

This would mean an upfront fee of £30 which would be balanced by the fact that the annual subscription of £18 (and the usual weekly fee of £4) would not be required until the end of the course and only then if the participants want to continue as members of the club. As there would be two classes the numbers would be less, the more experienced puppies would hopefully be in a different class to the starters, and the classes would be sorted out at the beginning of the course depending on numbers as well as experience. 

Although the actual class is only half an hour the handlers have a chance to give their puppy extra socialisation experiences by moving around the venue and chatting to other puppy owners while not in the class. 

Welcome back to all of you.and of course welcome to any newcomers.

Saturday, 4 January 2020