Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Trent Valleyers at Crufts!

Belated (apologies) good wishes to all our members who are competing at Crufts. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and didn't spend too much money on doggy goodies. 

Congratulations to Sara and Marmite for their success.

Huge congratulations to Vera and Mia at Crufts. They achieved a second in the puppy class and a 4th in the Junior Bitch. Brilliant news.

Having recently gained his Good Citizen silver award at the club Oscar got awarded a VHC position at Crufts for the Citizens Medal class. So lovely to see so many members doing so well. Congratulations Oscar & Nina.

and finally, Congratulations to TVDTC members Stephen and Clooney who won the Scruffts competition 2020. Brilliant.
(Photo courtesy 'The Lincolnite')